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Police investigate cyber bullying in Cedar Rapids area schools


It's a form of bullying that is taking on a life of its own.

Police in Marion and Cedar Rapids are investigating several complaints regarding derogatory comments made towards high school students through Twitter.

In a matter of hours, the number of people following an anonymous Twitter account went from three hundred, to more than one thousand.

The user of this account is singling out dozens of high school girls in Cedar Rapids and Marion schools making lewd, dehabilitating remarks sexual in nature, available for thousands to read.

"Kids feelings are hurt.  They don't like being called out in that public, social way," said Dr. Mary Wilcynski, principal at Cedar Rapids Kennedy High School.

These tweets have taken their toll on their intended victims. 

The bullying prompted school leaders to address the student body.

"We needed to just stop, and our kids needed to get back into the business of school and get out of the business of feeding this frenzy," Wilcynski said.

The anonymous poster will deal with consequences beyond that of the school.

Because the postings are sent directly to the victims through electronic media, police say they are looking to file harassment charges, a simple misdemeanor punishable with jail time.

It's a form of bullying that students nationwide are susceptible to, and educators are urging parents to become involved with their kids' social media accounts.

They need to take responsibility to help raise their kids and help their kids learn to say and do and be who they want them to say and do and be."

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