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Jesup woman looking for answers after her gas tank falls off


An eastern Iowa woman is looking for answers after her gas tank fell off while driving.

In August Ford Motor Company issued a recall on 1.1 million pickup trucks after it was discovered a number of fuel tank straps were breaking because of corrosion. Ford says it will replace the straps, but a Jesup woman wants to know who's going to replace her gas tank.

For two months Tracy Ciesielski has been making phone calls and hoping to find a resolution to this problem. On July 27th Tracy Ciesielski was driving on a road in town when her front gas tank strap broke. She wasn't driving very fast, but the tank fell with such force it left marks in the pavement.

Just a couple days later Ford issued a recall on the gas tank straps, but for Ciesielski there was more damage than just a broken strap.

"They did a diagnostic and said I needed a new gas tank and said they didn't think it would be a problem for that to be replaced because it was due to the straps and then a couple of days later they called me back and said that they were not going to do that," said Ciesielski.

Ciesielski also says it would cost $1000 to have the gas tank replaced and its money that she doesn't have.

We talked with the dealership where Ciesielski bought her 1999 Ford F-150, Dick Witham Ford in Waterloo. A service manger told us the dealership doesn't have the authorization from Ford Motor Company to make the repair.

"Headquarters is telling me it's at the dealer's discretion and the dealership is telling it's from headquarters and I talked with four people last night and four people told me four different stories. That's where I'm getting frustrated. It's a really scary thing and it's a really dangerous things so I think they should take it seriously," said Ciesielski.

Ciesielski says she likes Ford vehicles, she's had five in the past with no problems. She just says it's frustrating that someone won't stand behind the Ford name and replace what wasn't her fault.

We contacted Ford Motor Company, but yet to get a response.

The recall covers Ford F-150's, F-250's, and the Lincoln Blackwood pickup. The model year ranges between 1997 and 2003. The defect has been blamed for eight fires and three that spread to the whole truck. Only one person was injured.

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