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Baby & Beyond: About 90 percent of carseats installed wrong


Did you know that at any given time, more than 90% of car seats are installed incorrectly?

Parents lined up for an event sponsored by the Linn County Safe Kids Coalition, and the Cedar Rapids Fire and Police Departments.

Mother Cassie Dohmen and her husband Brian found there is more to car seats than they thought.

"It takes a lot of force. I'm surprised," Cassie said.

"We find about 95 percent of seats are installed incorrectly," organizer Nicky Stansell said.

Stansell of the Cedar Rapids Fire Department says she finds everything from belts that are too loose to children who should be in a booster seat instead of sitting in the seat.

"We checked the rear-facing, and never the front-facing, so we decided to get that done," father Brian Dohmen said.

The Dohmens are making the change from rear-facing to front facing at just about the perfect time. Little Liam is nearly two. Stansell says the American Academy of Pediatrics now advises parents to keep children in a rear-facing seat until age two or 40 pounds.

"They are safer in a crash if there was a crash, it takes a lot of pressure off the neck and head for spinal cord injuries," Stansell said.

An eye-opening and empowering day for parents like the Dohmens.

"I'm happy with myself if there is a replacement vehicle, I'll know how to put it in," Cassie said.

Safety experts say read your car owner's manual and your car seat manual.

Not all car seats fit in every car.

Above all, pay attention to the height and weight requirements of the seat, and if you'd like to set up a seat inspection, just contact your local fire department.

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