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SYSK: Fitness fun with Tina Wendel


Tina Wendel is a certified group fitness instructor with a specialization in hard-style kettlebell.

She teaches a Total Body Boot Camp class in Sumner, which is all about working hard and having fun.

"Kettlebell is my favorite because it's a lot of fun, and no one will exercise if they're not having fun or they won't stick with it," Tina Wendel said.

Wendel said she got into fitness and kettlebell about five years ago. At age 40, she said needed to change her lifestyle.

"I've never been overweight where I looked at myself and had one of those ah ha moments and said 'oh my goodness.' But I was out of shape. I was a skinny fat person," Wendel said.

Wendel's main goal is to build functional strength in her students, like Raquel Gitch.

"My body's gotten leaner. I've gotten stronger," Gitch said.

She said she started with a 15 pound kettlebell. Now she's up to 50 pounds.

"It's just become a part of my life now," Gitch said.

She isn't the only one whose become a class regular.

"They all come. They give 110 percent. We've got phenomenal results from these women. I've got some women who've lost 75-80 pounds," Wendel said.

She said what's great about kettlebell is the participant can get cardio and strength training in one 45 minute workout. Gitch said Wendel makes class fun and worth the extra effort.

"She's been just a really great influence to have in my life. Just to know I can do this. She's given me the encouragement, she's given me the empowerment I need to keep on going," said Gitch.

Wendel is also a breast cancer survivor. Just one more reason she's an inspiration to these women in her class.

But Wendel also wants to point out her class is open to men! Anyone, no matter age or skill level.

"You really just have to have the desire to want to do it," Gitch said.

Wendel teaches classes five days a week. Three days in Sumner and twice a week in West Union at Anytime Fitness. Besides kettlebell, she also teaches Flirty Girl fitness and she's working on a certification for yoga. She does all this while having another full-time job.

Reporter: Danielle Wagner

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