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An early frost for eastern Iowa


With a large portion of eastern Iowa facing some chilly temperatures overnight, many amateur gardeners are working to keep their gardens growing.

At Petersen and Tietz Florists and Green Houses, gardeners spent part of the day moving plants inside for the night. Owner Heidi Tietz Desilva says there are number of things you can do to protect your own garden.

First, you can cover your plants with a sheet or if you have too large of garden you can wake up early and spray water on your plants, which will insulate them from the frost.

Also for those gardeners with produce still on the vine, now is the time to start picking.

"What I would suggest you do is get out there and harvest as much of the fruit and vegetables, get your peppers picked, pick your tomatoes. I would suggest if you've got large green tomatoes you might want to take those off the vine for tonight because it could be a bit harder frost than what's been predicted," said Tietz Desilva.

For some plants the frost can be beneficial. The frost can kill the leaves of plants like canna lilies and elephant ears, which allow gardeners to easily dig up the bulbs and store them for winter.

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