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Toppled Dubuque tow boat nearly upright

The tow boat "Maud" lurched to one side Sunday night The tow boat "Maud" lurched to one side Sunday night

A toppled tow boat at the National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium in Dubuque is nearly upright once again.

The town boat, named "Maud," lurched to one side Sunday night.

The museum's marketing director John Sutter said Maud had a small leak in her hull that lead to the accident.

People on the museum's dredge boat the William M. Black made a quick response possible.

"We actually had a group staying on the William M. Black overnight and noticed it and alerted our staff that they saw it starting to lean, and we were aware of it then," Sutter said.

Nobody was injured, but the boat's captain went down with the ship. He, however, is literally a dummy, propped at the wheel in the boat.

Crews from Newt Marina and the Coast Guard are helping right the boat with a crane. Workers also contained and cleaned a small oil spill from the boat.

Sutter said although he didn't have a sense of how much this would cost, it's something that's covered by insurance.

He said Maud is probably from the 60's or 70's and has been on display since the museum opened in 2003.

Sutter said he expects the boat will be back at its normal angle sometime Wednesday. Until then, the dock area remains off limits to the public.

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