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SYSK: Long-time Wapsie Wranglers volunteer


Wapsie Wranglers is part of the Winnegabo Council of the Boy Scouts of America based at Camp Ingawanis near Waverly. It's run completely by volunteers and at least one of those volunteers has helped with the horses for more than 35 years.

The horse program offers Boy Scouts and people in the community a chance to ride horses.

Each Labor Day weekend, the Wapsie Wranglers host a benefit horse show. The show has never been canceled, until this year. It was supposed to be the 50th annual event, but a storm dumped too much rain the night before and organizers were worried about rider safety.

Even though the benefit horse show was canceled due to weather, one event still took place.

Boy Scouts visit Camp Ingawanis four weeks during the summer. At the end of each of those weeks, two Boy Scouts are chosen to come back Labor Day weekend to be part of the horse show and compete for Boy Scout Champion.

Ann Kirchoff has helped with the camps and horse show for more than 35 years. She lives near Denver and got involved with Wapsie Wranglers as a way to volunteer and be around horses.

"I guess I've always loved horses. When our kids were growing up we all had horses.I used to show," said Kirchoff.

During camp, the Boy Scouts learn how to handle the horses, including walking, trotting and backing up.

Kirchoff's role isn't as active anymore, but she still enjoys spending time with the scouts and horses.

"I just love kids, and I just love them to be able to be around the horses. with my love I just want the kids to have that experience also."

Other volunteers say her love of the horses and the camp is great to have around.

"She's a dynamite gal. She's been working this horse show for 35 plus years. It was the 50th annual if the weather would have cooperated," said volunteer Scott Judas.

Weather may have canceled this year's horse show, but it didn't dampen the passion Ann Kirchoff has for the horses. Hopefully, the horse show will go on next year.

Reporter: Danielle Wagner

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