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Volunteering at 88 years old


Dell Foster and Ken Cutts make quite the pair.

"We pick up bread at all the HyVees, Target, Panera, and bring it back here and help unload it and distribute it out," Cutts said.

Both volunteer at the Northeast Iowa Food Bank. Cutts, a retired college teacher, has been volunteering for about a year now.

"[I've been volunteering] 18 years, but [some] think it's been longer," Foster said.

Nearly 20 years ago, this 88 year-old farmer decided to start spending some of his time volunteering at the food bank, driving the truck.

"I used to drive, but I quit that. I'm getting too old," Foster said.

Now Foster teams up with Cutts to make the deliveries.

"He outworks me. He is a better worker than I am. Just a great guy to be with," Cutts said.

"Oh it's something for me to do. I like it. I love it!" Foster said.

That "love it" attitude is inspiring to all, especially to his partner.

"Get off the couch, get out there, and help out," Cutts said.

"It isn't a hard job. You just have to be there to help. That's just what it is," Foster said.

September is Hunger Action Month at the Northeast Iowa Food Bank.

As a member of Feeding America they are trying to fight domestic hunger.

The food bank has put together a calendar of "30 Ways in 30 Days" showing ways where you can help.

Find the calendar here: http://www.northeastiowafoodbank.org/NewsAndEvents/Events.aspx

For more volunteer opportunities: http://www.vccv.org/

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