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SYSK: Waterloo man puts painting talent to good use


You'll often find Bobby Colson painting in his front yard right along Franklin Street in Waterloo.

Colson is originally from Georgia. As a child, he would draw, trying to replicate images from magazines. About 11 years ago he got into painting thanks to some motivation from his mom.

"My mom built a house, and she asked me did I think I could paint a mural on the wall. I'd never done it before, and I told her I always wanted to paint I just never had the tools. So we went out and purchased the tools, and I did it. My first painting and everybody loved it. From the feeling I got from it, I just kept on doing it," said Bobby Colson.

Bobby most enjoys painting people, but he comes up with all kinds of creative pieces. One of his goals is just to get people interested in art.

"I like to see people just stand there and stare at it. All their emotions that come from it," he said.

He has no formal training. He developed his talent through practice.

"It's mainly a hobby for me. I just enjoy doing it," said Colson.

But Bobby has aspirations of one day starting a business. He recently started a web site,

Colson came up with the name because he feels art saved him. He admits he used to get into some trouble until he started focusing more on his art.

"Without the grace God gave me there'd be no art. I'd still be running around doing stuff I have no business doing," he said.

Bobby Colson looks forward to working with area youth to develop their art and give them an outlet as well.

"I actually feel everybody can draw/paint because if you can write your name, it's a form of art. It's just a lot of people aren't confident they can do it," said Bobby Colson.

Colson said art made him a better person, and he hopes his work can inspire others to develop their talents, too.

Reporter: Danielle Wagner

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