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Schools dismiss early due to the heat


There's no building that gets hotter than an old brick building sitting in the Iowa heat. The Dunkerton High School building is three stories tall and it was built 90 years ago. In the summer it gets extremely hot.

For the administrators at the school calling for an early dismissal was a no brainer. By mid-morning on the third floor the temperature was already reaching into the high 80's.

"If we don't get the night time temps to cool things down, if we can't leave the windows open and let the breeze come through and cool things down it makes for a difficult day," said Dunkerton Superintendent Jim Stanton.

Teachers and students have some trouble finding relief from the heat. Fans are in the hall ways and in class rooms, despite that science teacher Jeff Thompson says it takes a lot to keep students on task.

"We're on the second floor of a three story building and like I said it's an older building and once it heats up it doesn't cool off very much. Yeah we have... It's difficult to focus for the kids," said Thompson.

The school's cafeteria and gymnasium are air conditioned so students can get some relief, but it's not it's not enough to keep school going all day long.

"If you're thinking about things like how am I going to stay cool, sweat running down your face, you got to wipe your eyes just to see. It's difficult for the kids to concentrate on what it is they're supposed to be learning," said Stanton.

"You just get through it hopefully it only last a couple days," said Thompson.

There is some relief in sight for Dunkerton Community Schools. The district is building a new school just south of the current facility. A number of the rooms are air conditioned, however, the down side is that teachers and students won't be able to move into the new building until the end of the month.

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