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Wellman trainer and horse compete to be America's best


On a 22 acre plot of land in the small town of Wellman just southwest of Iowa City, Amanda Immermann and her five year old dappled gray quarterhorse Lacie have developed a special bond.

"She's very special to me, the first horse I've ever trained myself," Immermann said.

Immermann acquired Lacie two years ago for a mere $250 as a project horse.  Originally, the plan was to sell Lacie for profit.

"She and I are too close now to do that, and so now she holds a special place in my heart," Immermann said.

Immermann, who's been around horses since she was young with programs like 4-H, devoted her days to training Lacie, falling in love with the horse and laying the groundwork for a healthy relationship.

After a recommendation from a friend, Immermann and Lacie took part in their first competitive trail ride, winning first place in their division.

"Being out on trails, it's just a great place to learn more about each other.  You encounter different situations all the time, and it's become a really fun process for us," Immermann said.

Now the two are dreaming even bigger.

"It's pretty surreal for me to know that I'm just a small town Iowa girl.  I'm working on all of my dreams and to actually have one of my dreams coming true right now is pretty significant," she said.

Immermann and Lacie auditioned for the America's Favorite Trail Horse competition, a reality TV series that pits some of the most talented horse and rider combinations against each other.

Lacie, while strumming a small pink ukulele and showing off her personality, landed her and Immermann a spot in the finals, making them the youngest in the competition, and the only ones to do so from Iowa.

"We're really honored to be a part of this competition, and I just hope that people when they meet Lacie fall in love with her like I did," Immermann said.

A shot to be named America's favorite team.  Not bad, for a first time trainer from rural Iowa.

America's Favorite Trail Horse will be shown on HRTV on cable and Dish Network channel 404.

Lacie will be featured on the second episode which airs September 20th at 7PM.  Viewers will then have an opportunity to call and vote on their favorite horse.



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