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City of Waterloo internal audit uncovers insurance issues


The city of Waterloo could soon be saving some cash by removing a few ineligible employees from city health insurance.  An internal audit revealed that at least two retired city employees had been receiving city insurance benefits after they got another job, where that employer also offered insurance.  Since 1990, the city's had a policy that bans all of its employees from doing that.  The affected employees have been notified and can only stay on the city's insurance until age 65 if they leave their current job that offers insurance.

 "If a person is in this situation where they're working for an employer with employer-provided health insurance and they happen to leave that employment, they are completely eligible to come back tot he city, reapply, and we will insure them.  So we don't want them to be without insurance.  We just want the proper employee to be paying for it," said Mayor Buck Clark.

The city's not sure how long the health insurance discrepancy went undetected.  City Clerk Suzy Schares says she's going through a number of city records to make sure they're correct, and finding cost savings is one benefit of doing that.

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