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Nursing Harley the pelican back to health


Pelicans are normally good flyers. So when the Black Hawk Wildlife Rehabilitation Project heard about a pelican flying into a telephone wire, they knew something must have been wrong.

"I like all the animals, but every once and a while there is somebody really special and I think he fits that," Linda Nebbe said.

Harley Davidson, a pelican, lives with Linda Nebbe so she can nurse him back to health.

"When we found him he definitely was very depleted and very thin," Nebbe said.

Harley was found near the Harley Davidson shop in Waterloo. He was flying when he hit his beak on a telephone wire.

"He laid there kind of knocked out for a while and then got up and started running. The guy who saw him fly into the wire was the person who eventually caught him and brought him back to the Humane Society who arrived that time to help out," Nebbe said.

Pelicans normally migrate north in May and back in September. So finding Harley in Iowa this time of year is unusual.

"Flying into a wire is really odd for a pelican, too. They are really, really good flyers so there was something majorly wrong," Nebbe said.

Luckily Harley had no broken bones, but he was under weight.  Harley eats fish and Linda Nebbe is looking for donations of fish for Harley. Small, live fish are preferred.

If you would like to donate fish for Harley you can call The Black Hawk Wildlife Rehabilitation Project Hotline: 319-277-6511 or call Linda at 319-277-1696.

The Black Hawk Wildlife Rehabilitation Project is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing care to injured or orphaned wildlife. To make a monetary donation call the hotline.

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