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Health Plus: Post-cancer care conference


Once a cancer diagnosis happens treatment begins for most patients.

But what happens when that process is over?

Covenant Cancer Treatment Center in Waterloo wants to make sure the support continues.

When cancer treatment stops, it's not always a happy ending for the patient.

"There's usually such a (exhale) you know, they've had all this support around them for all this time and now they truly are on their own," said Nancy McHone, a cancer program coordinator at the center.

McHone and her co-workers want to extend patient care well beyond the treatment stage.

"So as a survivor with the survivorship conference what we wanna do is try and touch on some of the areas that maybe weren't discussed that much during the therapy because that wasn't what was important. What was important was getting them through the chemotherapy, getting them through the radiation treatments, that kind of a thing,"said McHone.

"Their normal actually became their cancer treatment. So now they're looking or trying to find out where their new normal is," said Timi Brown, a Med Fit coordinator.

Brown says grant money awarded to Covenant through Live Strong will fuel their mission.

"And it's really set up to give them that whole, complete continuity of care. So they'll have the beginning. They'll have their treatment and instead of just being let go they'll have that transition to get back into their normal life," said Brown.

And that's great news for cancer survivors who don't want support to end just because their treatments do.

Covenant's free "Survivorship: Life After Cancer Treatment" conference is coming up Thursday night, October 6th from 5 to 8 in classrooms near the hospital chapel in Waterloo.

Topics like wellness and sexuality will be covered but it's limited to the first 100 people who register.

Call Covenant's Nurse On-Call at 272-2600 to sign up.

Again, it's free!


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