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SYSK: Dr. Abby Tebbe hopes to help people live healthier lives


Dr. Abby Tebbe cracks backs, but she does a lot more than that according to her patients. Dr. Tebbe is a maximized living chiropractor.

"People come in to get adjusted here. But they also come in to learn about nutrition, we teach them about detoxifying their body, we teach them about weight loss, we teach them about mindset, how to reach the goals you want to," said Dr. Abby Tebbe.

She's part of a group of about 500 people in the U.S., Canda, Mexico and Africa who believe in a holistic approach to health and well-being.

"So basically our mission is to transform the way people think about health and change people's health perspectives," she said.

As a maximized living chiropractor, she focuses on the brain/body connection. She uses a scanner to look for nerve damage. She said once you know the source of the problem, you can work to correct it.

"So many success stories of people's health changing and their families lives changing. It's been a blessing," said Dr. Tebbe.

One of those success stories is Elaine Capek. Originally, she came in for back pain. Now the pain is gone and she's lost forty pounds since January.

"I guess what I appreciate is it's holistic. It's not just about my back. It's my health, nutrition and overall taking care of my body," said patient Elaine Capek.

Capek said she feels more empowered, which is exactly what Dr. Abby wants for her patients.

"I love the empowerment because I can't do it. They have to do it," she said.

Dr. Abby is a Dubuque native and always knew she wanted to give back to her hometown. She's now doing that by helping to prevent health problems instead of simply reacting to them.

"There is nothing more important for me than to help prevent someone from getting diseases. It's my way of paying it forward. It's my way of saying I can help, and I want to help them and show them that," said Dr. Tebbe.

Dr. Tebbe hopes her patients leave her office with the tools and knowledge for better physical and mental health.

You can contact Dr. Tebbe at 563-556-6252 or click here.

Reporter: Danielle Wagner

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