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Construction delays start of school at Sumner-Fredericksburg


The Sumner-Fredericksburg School District is postponing the start of classes, since the middle school's new addition isn't quite ready for move-in.  The state fire marshal isn't allowing anyone but construction crews inside the new middle school until the building's new alarm system is fully installed.  That's forced the district to bump back the start of classes.

Spencer Schult is one of the lucky students at Sumner-Fredericksburg who is enjoying an extra week of summer vacation.

"It's kind of cool that you get to do some extra things with my friends like go golfing and stuff.  But I'm kind of looking forward to going back to school," Schult said.

That's because Schult and his classmates will be going back to school in a brand new building.  But getting the final pieces in place so school can start here have taken a bit longer than expected.

"All of the firm alarm system did not come.  So until all of that was here and could be installed, obviously they won't allow us occupancy with our students until it's up and working," said Superintendent Rick Pederson with the Sumner-Fredericksburg School District.

And once the new fire alarm system is connected between the new and old parts of the middle school, it will have to be inspected.  So to give teachers enough time to set up their classrooms, school will be starting next Thursday, one week late.  But the superintendent says the new school should be well worth the wait.

"We think we're going to have modern facilities for our students to have an opportunity to learn.  And both communities have been very supportive of our schools and are anxious to get this done to where we can use it and get on with our school year," Pederson said.

But even once the doors open and classes do start at the new Sumner-Fredericksburg Middle School, students and staff will still have to deal with some construction.  That's because the new kitchen and multi-purpose room won't be finished until April.

And once it's all finished, students and staff can enjoy a facility that will help educate the community for decades to come.

While students may be enjoying a few extra days of summer break now, they'll be making those days up later.  Two extra days have been added during the regular school calendar, and the rest of the days will be tacked onto the end of the year.

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