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President Obama caught working out in Decorah


A chance meeting with President Barack Obama is one thing...

But at one Decorah gym some lucky people had a chance to work out with the most recognizable person in the world before he got on the road.

Tuesday is a day Chandler Roberson will never forget.

"It was so exciting I got to work out next to the president for 10 minutes and not very many people get to say that," said the Luther student/

Just a little after 7 a.m. Tuesday, black secret service vehicles pulled up to Team Rehab in Decorah.

"More secret service people started walking in and I was like alright well something must be going down," said Roberson.

Much to Roberson's surprise there wasn't really anything going down, just the president needing a workout.

"I looked down and I saw Mr. President standing there and I was like holy crap this is actually going on," said Roberson.

Just four years ago while President Obama was going through Decorah he made that same stop. Only at that time he was a senator on the campaign trail hoping to get Iowa voters to lead him to the presidency.

"He had six secret service guys with him that time. Now there was a whole entourage," said Steven Krieg, Owner of Team Rehab.

"I was just so excited when I walked in the door I just saw him walking around lifting weights. I have been in here several times before it was just weird to see one of the most famous men in the world at our gym." said Micheal Foster, a 14-year-old from Decorah.

For gym members it was a workout they will never forget. As for people waiting outside to just catch a glimpse... it was a once in a lifetime glimpse of the President of the United States.

Micheal Foster also had the opportunity to give Mr. Obama a school project he has been working on for more than a year about the USS Kirk. Foster said President Obama took it with him.

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