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HP: Heart Attack


Even when you think you're doing everything right--exercising, eating well... A heart attack can happen.

In Health Plus, the story of an eastern Iowa man who never thought he would nearly die from cardiac arrest.

It was in an intense fitness class when Reed Pryor started feeling short of breath.

"Went ahead and finished the class and just felt like I was always one exercise behind," heart attack survivor Dr. Reed Pryor said.

It was May 9.  The 44-year-old chiropractor went home, called a neighbor and was taken by ambulance to Covenant Medical Center in Waterloo--he was having a heart attack.

''The crazy thing was I never really thought I was having a heart attack because I didn't have traditionally what you expect to hear as that crushing feeling in your chest. I was short of out of breath but it really felt like I just kinda had an air bubble behind my sternum," Reed said.

Reed and his wife, Lisa, take eating right and exercising very seriously, so imagine his surprise when he nearly died three times in the emergency room from cardiac arrest.

Reed said, "I woke up from the anesthesia after they went ahead and put the stent in."

Doctors say emergency intervention needs to start with the paramedics.

"First of all, they get them on a monitor so they can see right away if there's anything absolutely going on so they'll do a 12-lead EKG on the scene.'' said Covenant Emergency Room Medical Director Dr. Todd Lawrence.


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