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Car dealerships turn to social media


Social media websites are changing the world we live in. Now car dealerships are using them to gain trust and hopefully increase sales.

Searching for a vehicle doesn't start at the car lot anymore, its starts online. More and more people begin their car search by looking for the car of their choice on a dealerships website.

One company that knows a thing or two about getting the public interested in cars is Mudd Advertising in Cedar Falls. They work with more than 3,200 dealerships across the country.

"We partner with dealerships and we actually help them with their entire strategy so from the bottom to the top we cover everything and put together their entire campaign," said Heather Wirtz, the Marketing Director at Mudd Advertising.

Wirtz says dealerships are joining social networking websites like Facebook to keep in touch with the community.

"This is a one on one person to person medium. It's not to directly sell, it's not to push this is our price or we have a special clearance going. What it's about is actually letting some one go and get to know a little bit more about your personality behind the brand to find out are they reputable who else is buying cars or what are the other comments and how many people like this dealership," said Wirtz.

While these dealerships aren't making direct sales on these social medium websites they are building relationships and showing the community what good they can do.

"We do have some dealerships that use their Facebook to talk about the food drives they are doing or how they are helping with the toys for tots and different things their doing in their community," said Wirtz.

According to CNW Marketing Research, an automotive research company, 41 percent of dealerships already have Facebook pages.

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