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Hydrochloric leak at Cargill in Cedar Rapids


Cargill employees called firefighters just after 7 a.m. to report vapors and potential liquid leaking form an intake valve on a tractor-trailer that was off-loading hydrochloric acid into a storage tank.

Firefighters arrived at 1710 16th Street SE, evaluated the spill and developed a plan to stop the leak.

Firefighters wearing protective gear applied a valve and cap to stop any additional vapors or liquid from leaking out of the tractor-trailer.

Cargill employees had built a dike to prevent the hydrochloric acid from spreading. Firefighters neutralized the acid using soda ash.

The Fire Department is estimating up to 200 gallons of hydrochloric acid may have leaked from the 4,500 gallon tractor-trailer.

The driver and a Cargill employee assisting the driver moved away from the tractor-trailer and were not exposed to the chemical.

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