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A community comeback: Clutier


After that storm there were some questions if this town celebration would happen. But people here were bound and determined to clean up, go on with their lives, and celebrate a community comeback.

Just a little more than three weeks ago Clutier's main street was filled with debris, power lines, and tree branches covered the streets.

"We are still cleaning up, but we are a lot better than we were before two weeks ago." said Tracy Sienknecht, Festival Co-Chair.

The town of a little more than 200 people are still picking up the pieces trying to make a new normal.

Clutier's fire state was destroyed in that storm. Mayor Ardene Cross said they plan on rebuilding.

"We have started the process. We have gotten a few bids and we hope to start building within a week," said Cross.

The storm also destroyed the town's post office. Mail boxes are now in Clutier to recieve mail, but for some outgoing mail - residents must drive to Dysart.

 "Until we get everything rebuilt there will still be those eye soars, but when it goes back it will be good if not better than before," said Cross.

But for Mayor Cross she is proud of her small town. As this weekend they get to celebrate a comeback.

"There is a long ways to go yet, but it is better than it was."

"I remember Parkersburg and Ed Thomas being I'm involved with sports. But I remember hearing him say we will have football. We will have the first home football game and I thought the same thing. Clutier will have its festival," said Sienknecht.

And that is what makes the Bohemian Plum Festival so much more important this year.


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