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Preparing for Higher Education


Students are getting the chance to think about pushing their education beyond high school this week. Students and parents across the state are taking part in Private College Week, which gives them a chance to tour the dozens of private colleges in eastern Iowa and across the state.

With state leaders questioning Iowa's education system many are wondering if high school students will be prepared for that next step.

Megan Kaestner is a junior at Iowa Valley in Marengo. She's been taking advanced placement courses while in high school trying to get head start for college.

"The level of difficulty, like my math teacher, she really pushes you to do good and we practice ACT questions also in class and just the experience at the hospital with clinicals will help me a lot too," said Kaestner.

Despite no transcripts being handed in, private college week also gives the colleges a chance to get a better idea of what kind of students will be applying in the future.

"For the most part of the students that are coming and applying to Wartburg we believe they're well prepared for their education here and that they're coming in and obviously it's a change. That's what we're tying to let them know that it's a change from high school to college, said Assistant Vice President of Admissions at Wartburg, Todd Coleman.

Kaestner says it might not be the education system that is falling behind, it may be the students.

"I think we're meeting the needs of students. Yeah. I think it depends on how much effort the student puts into school," said Kaestner.

Enrollment at Wartburg College this fall will be right around 1800 students. The freshman class is comparable in size to that of last years.

More than 500 students signed up to take part in Private College Week at Wartburg.

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