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"Green Team" at work for eastern Iowa healthcare provider


One large employer in northeast Iowa is encouraging its workers to go green - even going so far as to ask them to sign a pledge to recycle or be more energy efficient. Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare is also encouraging all who enter its doors to bring unwanted handheld electronics with them starting next week.

Randy Vorland and Sharon Curry are part of Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare's "Green Team" - a task force of volunteers whose sole mission is to work on green initiatives.

"There's so much energy and excitement about recycling and reducing in that group of folks sometimes we have to refocus and say whoa one thing at a time," said Vorland.

"It's really important to me after having grandchildren, they're inheriting this earth and I want to leave it good for them," said Curry.

Efforts include recycling old computers, phone books, and cardboard.

Seven tons of electronic waste were recycled just last year.

Starting August 1, anyone can turn in handheld electronics like cellphones, gps's, and iPods to be recycled.

"They're going to come in for a procedure or they're going to come for a visit of loved ones or come for a doctor's visit and it's a nice, easy location," said Vorland.

The "Green Team" says recycling is part of Wheaton Franciscan's mission.

"People here are very receptive to saving the earth, trying to do anything they can to recycle and I've had people say when's this, to recycle their phones, what do they have to do, what it entails," said Curry.

"I'm getting a lot of folks who are more excited about recycling and in passing in the hallways say, 'on our floor, we have this to recycle and I don't have a place for it' so we make sure we give them a place to recycle it," said Vorland.

Wheaton Franciscan's handheld device recycling drop-off program begins August 1 and continues through August 12 at all of its locations. They're hoping to collect about 1000 devices.

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