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Ripped up roads & flooded homes in East Dubuque


The overnight storm wreaked havoc on homes and roads in East Dubuque.

"Roads are washed out, cars are in the ditch," noted local business owner Tony Sheehan.

Highway 35, a main thoroughfare into town, is strangely quiet.

"Usually it's really busy and there's cars going up and down all day. But now, there's nobody out here," said Natasha Scheffert, who lives in a home right along the highway.

The flood waters literally ripped apart areas of the pavement right down to the earth below.

"Around 9:30, when we woke up all the water was gone and the roads looked like this," said Scheffert.

A few blocks away, in the area around Menominee Road, neighbors and a couple of business owners were just trying to wrap their heads around what happened in the last 24 hours.

"It's so terrible for all the people who lost their homes so far," said Scott Hyde, who is dealing with a flooded basement.

Folks who live in the area said, when it rains, they might get a little water running in the streets. But they haven't seen anything like this in nearly 20 years.

"Last time it was like this was back in 1993," said Sheehan.

For Sheehan, the clean up is already underway -- even while his business is still under water.

"We had to wait until about noon when the water got down, that we could get in the building. Since then we've been at it hard all day," he said.

In other areas where the roads are torn up, recovery will take more time.

"It just makes me sad. I can't imagine how long it'll take to fix this," said Scheffert.

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