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Does it really work? Pet Rider


For many, there's nothing like taking the dog for a ride.

The problem is, there also isn't much like cleaning up the mess afterwards.

One product offers an easy solution.  The Pet Rider seat cover promises to save your car seat from mud, fur, and scratches.  We put the product to the test.

The product was easy to install.  It took a very short time to secure the adjustable straps to the back seat headrests.

We tested the Pet Rider with an energetic border collie.  The seat cover moved easily and had a difficult time staying put, leaving large portions of the seat exposed.

For those looking to spend more, there's the hammock style cover, which attaches to both the rear and front seat headrests.

It's more likely to withstand the abuse of an energetic dog, and it also protects more than just the seat

"Some people really like the hammocks because of the stability and the extra protection from hair on the carpet and floorwell of the car," said Julie Phye, owner of Leash on Life, a pet store in Iowa City.

Based on our tests and expert review, we give the product a grade of a B-.  The product provides some protection, and at $14.99, makes for an easier cleanup than no protection at all.

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