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The Amazing Spider-Man rescues Cedar Falls comics store


"Spider-Man saves Limited Edition Comics," reads the headline from the Daily Bugle newspaper - at least on the cover of Spider-Man comics available in the Cedar Falls store beginning Wednesday.

You'll find the local shop featured on the cover of Variant Edition #666 -- complete with a photo of Limited Edition Comics, which is located on The Hill in Cedar Falls.

A variant edition is a special edition of a comic which features different versions of the cover.  This is a nationwide promotion Marvel offered to comic stores across the country.  Limited owner Rob Rodgers says he's not sure how many stores around the United States took part, but says Limited Edition is the only store in Iowa with the variant cover.

About 1,000 copies of the Spider-Man issue will be available at Limited Edition beginning Wednesday.

It's not the first time a Cedar Falls comics store has been a part of a promotion like this.  Earlier this year The Core, also located in Cedar Falls, was featured on a variant cover of "Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters."  The cover showed Godzilla's giant foot crushing the comic books store.


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