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SYSK: Sharon Smith walks and keeps her neighborhood clean


Almost every morning, Sharon Smith hits the streets for a walk. Besides comfortable shoes, Sharon always brings her cart and her neon hat and vest.

"It's safer because I'm on the street more than I'm on the sidewalk," said Smith.

She spends her time on the street because besides walking, Sharon also picks up trash.

"I get some disposable gloves," she said.

The walking started as a way to lose weight she gained during the winter months, but now it's also a way to help keep the neighborhood clean.

"I like to get my exercise everyday, and then I thought well I'm more likely to discipline myself to go out everyday if I have a purpose," said Smith.

Sharon walks and wheels near Independence Avenue in Waterloo.

She's usually out of the house by 7 a.m. about five days a week.

"Personally, I like to do it in the morning because I feel like I get a jump start on the day," she said.

She started with just her tennis shoes and a trash bag, but then got an idea with this cart from her house.

"I thought I could make better time with the cart," said Smith.

She does move pretty quickly, pausing only for traffic, before wheeling away to the next street. She picks up as much trash as she can find.

"Actually, by the time I get home it's probably an hour and a half," she said.

Sharon Smith plans to continue her daily walk and trash pick-up until the weather gets too cold.

She hopes her story encourages other retirees to find small ways to stay busy and help out the community.

Reporter: Danielle Wagner

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