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Cowboy Mounted Shooting bringing the heat


"We like to call it barrel racing on steroids," said Mike Wertz, cowboy mounted shooting rider.

Cowboy mounted shooting is a sport involving horses and guns. Each rider is in charge of shooting all 10 balloons while riding a horse.

"So while your running down the arena and turning around the barrel, you are getting the other gun out. There is just a lot of things people don't realize until they get out there," said Jim Gates, cowboy mounted shooting rider.

But don't worry these riders don't use real ammunition.

"It's what they call a cannon grade black powder which means it's a little course. So that means when it goes off the black powder burns as it comes out of the barrel and that's what breaks the balloon," said Gates.

These riders also have to make sure to ride in a specific pattern. Out of 64 patterns each rider will draw four on the day of competition. Just adding to the difficulty of this sport.

If you would like to see the pros in action there will be a free exposition this Sunday in New Hampton. It starts at 1:30 in the afternoon.  At the Equine "Arena of Dreams" near the New Hampton Airport.

The event is put on by The Plum Creek Bit & Saddle Club and The Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association.

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