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DIRW: Micro Touch Max gets put to the test


We've all seen infomercials on TV, where a product claims to do everything for a low price. In our Does It Really Work segment we put those products to the test.

In this article we take a look at the Micro Touch Max. It's an all-in-one personal trimmer that's supposed to keep your hair looking barbershop perfect.

To get a professional opinion we talked with Casey Alderman, a stylist at Cost Cutters on Ansborough Avenue in Waterloo. She noticed one flaw in the trimmer right away.

"It would get close, but it doesn't. It has that protector there so it can't line or do anything like that," said Alderman.

One area where the Micro Touch Max shines is getting those hard to reach areas as well as helping fix some hairy problems.

"If you do have a lot of peach fuzz for some women than they can kind of clean that area up just a little bit by themselves or if you have really hairy arms and you want to disguise it, you could kind of clean up your arms a little bit," said Alderman.

In the end Alderman says some things are better left to the professionals.

"It's better to get a regular trimmer that's going to last you a long time or a little while or you could come in here or we could do it for $4.28," said Alderman.

In the end we give the Micro Touch Max a "B." It does trim very close, actually closer than a regular trimmer, but it does not get a close as a razor blade. If you want to get as close as possible to your skin stick with your razor.

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