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Eastern Iowa Biggest Loser: Larry Moore


You have to strap on your best walking shoes to keep up with 72 year-old Larry Moore of Marengo. Larry walks up to three miles a day with great purpose---

You see in the last two years walking and a change eating habits has turned Moore's life around.

Moore said, " I struggled with weight all my life-- had to lay down on the bed to put on clothes for church."

At his heaviest Larry Moore weighed 330 pounds and wore size 58 pants..

" I was a fat slob that all I wanted to do is sit around and watch TV."

So after surviving kidney cancer and dealing with several other weight related health issues--Larry Moore at the age of 70 joined a local weight watchers group and decided to fight back...

Moore said, "-- At first losing weight was a struggle-- I treated it like a job I don't like..."

But as time went on-- the hard work paid off with Larry losing 120 pounds and becoming a much healthier and happier guy..

"I enjoy the grandkids more-- I can get out and rough house with them."

And at 72, Larry Moore believes he's added years to his life-- and his message to others--

"it's never too if you're overweight and have health issues--but you have to want to do it."

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