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100 more troops welcomed home in Cedar Falls


About 100 soldiers of the 1st-133rd Infantry Battalion's "Charlie" Company are now home.  The troops are back from a nearly year-long deployment to Afghanistan.

It was such a joyous occasion for families of those troops.  The deployment has been tough on many of them.  And there's great relief for their loved ones to have them home safe.

"Commando:  Dismiss!" a leader of the 1st-133rd Infantry Battalion said.

And with that, troops of the 1st-133rd's "Charlie" Company officially ended a year-long deployment.  Loved ones made their way to the UNI Dome field in Cedar Falls, where the reunions began with a lot of hugs and kisses.

"It was a good time being there with the guys and everything.  But I'm just so glad to be home now," said Spc. Shayn Mason.

The homecoming couldn't arrive soon enough for families of the soldiers who have long been waiting for their safe return.

"I'm so glad he made it home and he's in one piece and healthy!" said Megan Mason, wife of Spc. Shayn Mason.

That feeling is echoed by Niki Lindsey.  Her husband, Sgt. Eric Lindsey, sustained a spinal injury in Afghanistan back in April.

"I'm feeling really good.  I mean my back's healed up and my heels are feeling good.  So I'm doing pretty good," said Sgt. Lindsey.

Now Lindsey will be able to play with his four children and watch them from the back yard, thanks to a fence built for him by folks in his hometown of Eldora.

"They really propped up the support of my wife.  It made me feel really good to know that as a community, they surrounded us with the love and the support that they did," said Lindsey.

And while the soldiers are thrilled to be back in Iowa, their thoughts aren't far from the battle field as they hope that their fellow troops can also make it home safely soon.

About 100 more soldiers will be welcome home at the UNI Dome Tuesday morning.  There are also homecoming ceremonies planned Tuesday in Grimes and Shenandoah, with a total of 200 more troops.

We'll bring you coverage of Tuesday's homecoming ceremony in Cedar Falls as well.  It's scheduled to begin at 11:30 a.m.

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