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Hundreds still without power in Tama County


People are still feeling the effects of Monday's storms. Right now there around 1500 homes in Marshall County and around 500 homes in Tama County still without power.

With the heat coming soon many people are wondering if the power will be back on in time.

It's a common sight outside of Garwin as a number of power lines and power poles laying on the ground, but inside the city many people already have their power back but a few are still struggling to get by.

"This is a 1500 kilowatt generator. It's pretty big. This is a utility sized generator," said Alliant Energy spokesperson, Justin Foss.

Foss says his company wants to make sure a majority of the people in Clutier and in Garwin don't go without power for long by using massive generators.

"These two communities, especially, the damage was very massive and so we brought in two generators to try and get power to those customers that could take it in town because we knew that we wouldn't be able to get power to the rest of the town until at least through the week," said Foss.

George Kunch is one of the few people in Garwin still without power. A farmer donated his tractor and he's been using to power his freezer, but with hot weather on the way he doesn't know if the tractor will also be able to power the air conditioner.

"Not for me but for my wife. I don't know if that transformer is big enough to handle all the lights and that air conditioner. For me I can get a long without it as far as that goes, but for her no," said Kunch.

Foss says people who are using the generators power should be able to use their air conditioners, but they should also try to conserve power when possible.

"While we're able to get power for the most essential things, the air conditioning, the fridge, the freezer, those big things we all count on. We don't have enough redundancy and enough power right now to be able to power everything you could possibly want," said Foss.

Alliant Energy is asking those using generators to power their homes to make sure to disconnect from the grid. If you don't, it can cause back feeding and could put repair crews in danger.

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