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Too soon to tell on crop damage


Monday morning's round of severe storms has left many farmers unsure of what this year's crops will produce.

Before the severe weather that packed 80 mile per hour winds, farmer Curt Zigula's corn crop was on track for a plentiful harvest.   He's trying to figure out a plan to recover his losses.

"Optimistically I may only have a ten bushel per acre loss. But even a ten bushel per acre loss at current prices will mean a $50,000 to $60,000 thousand dollar loss of income for me," said Zigula.

Crop Analyst Jim Nemitz of M.S.I in Cedar Rapids says he's seen crops recover from wind damage before. 

"We're just going to have to wait and see. Things can come back. You'd be surprised how quick the corn could snap back.  However, from a risk management side of things, we're already behind an eight ball because we are fairly tight supply right now," said Nemitz.

Curt Zigula is thankful he planned ahead by purchasing crop insurance. 

"If you've got adequate crop insurance it'll provide enough money for you to farm another year and try to recover these losses," said Zigula.

As a longtime farmer Zigula knows Mother Nature can knock his crop off schedule. 

"You just have to average all of the years you take the good years with the bad. If this is a bad year, you just have to hope next year is a good year."


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