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Droste continues family legacy on the track


Tyler Droste knows how to handle a race car.  The driver of the 92 car currently sits 2nd in the sport modified division at the Independence Speedway.  On top of that, he's spent the most time in victory lane this season, winning the feature race 4 times.

In fact, you'd never know there was anything different about Tyler until he steps out of the car and you realize he's only 15 years old.

"My first race in one of these was on my 12th birthday," recalled Tyler.

Just because he's 15 doesn't mean he's inexperienced as Tyler's been racing in some form ever since he was a toddler.

"He started racing BMX when he was 4 1/2 years old," said Tyler's dad Steve, "That progressed into go carts.  When he was 7, 8 years old at different tracks they'd run about 60, 70 miles per hour."

If his last name sounds familiar, it's no coincidence.  Steve Droste also spent several years racing, and Tyler's grandpa Red was one of the best in the business winning nearly 700 races throughout the Midwest.  Red's name figures prominently on the back of Tyler's car.

"My grandpa, he wanted to see me in one of these," said Tyler. "We agreed with it, and he helped me out with it."

Steve helped out a lot too, and while he says he's nervous watching his 15-year-old son flying around the track, he's never feared for his safety.

"He's really well protected with seat belts and roll cages.  Overall he's a pretty cautious driver as cautious as you can be in one of these things," Steve said.

That's earned him the respect of his older counterparts who seem to take it in stride even on the nights the 15-year-old passes them by.

"I don't feel that bad.  He's just another driver," said sport modified driver Lucas Lundry. "If I didn't like him, then it'd be another story."

"They treat me well," said Tyler. "I just don't try to get any contact with them, try to run in to them, cause if you run into them, you tear up your own stuff, too."

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