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Health Plus: Cov. Cancer Treatment Center Upgrade


Making cancer patients feel well-cared for.

That's one of many goals for the staff at Waterloo's Covenant Cancer Treatment Center.

Here's tonight's Health Plus to explain how they're doing it.

New decorating touches at the Covenant Cancer Treatment Center in Waterloo are about a lot more than paint and wall art.

The facility staff is investing a lot of time and money into making cancer patients comfortable.

 "Well some of the different phases are adjustment to the diagnosis and the treatment that's ahead.  And as a part of that we would be looking at not only the emotional component but some of the problems as far as financial," Jeanne Mullen, a social worker.

This is Kathy Baethke's second bout with cancer.

Four years ago the 48-year-old Dunkerton woman had a cancerous tumor in her wrist.

Now she's battling breast cancer.

"I have had one chemo treatment. I have six total that I have to do of those. And then I have 33 radiation treatments after that," said Kathy Baethke, a breast cancer patient.

Kathy appreciates the center's approach, offering wellness services under the same roof treatments are done.

"One day we had appointments, I did five appointments here in this building back to back. They scheduled everything for me. So I didn't have to sit around and wait and wait and wait. The people here are wonderful. They communicate with each other. They know what you're doing. They know what you need," she said.

Coming up Tuesday, July 12 an open house and rededication ceremony at the Covenant Cancer Treatment Center in Waterloo from 4 to 6 in the evening.

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