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Everything for sale at the Crowne Plaza hotel


You usually head to the front desk of a hotel to check in... at the Crowne Plaza in Cedar Rapids there are shoppers checking out.

The City of Cedar Rapids has contracted with NCL/National Content Liquidators, Inc., to clear the hotel of its current contents as a prelude to the property's demolition.

Everything must go before the city demolishes the building to make room for a new convention center.

Shoppers lined up along First Avenue before the sale started at 10:00 AM on Thursday.

Peggy Powel came in with a plan.

"I'm looking for a toaster that can do 14 pieces of toast at one time!" said Powell.

Powell didn't find the toaster, but she purchased a Santa Claus that used to be on display in the hotel lobby every December.

"I found Santa for Christmas!  There's a lot of different things here for different people, but this Santa is for us!" said Powell.

Linda Clossman works for National Content Liquidators.  She was impressed with how like-new the furniture at the Crowne Plaza appeared.

"It's in good clean condition!  They are high quality furnishings too.  Come in, bring a friend with you, be prepared to shop and get some good deals!"

The hot item seemed to be the king and queen bedding sets.  Pillow cases were marked at two for a dollar.  The flat and fitted sheets rang up at $4 a piece. 

"I have some fitted sheets, flat sheets, a pillow case, and pillows and an iron. I came in for just an iron. It's not working out that way!" said Jaime Hermes of Cedar Rapids.

Every item in all of the 276 rooms will remain on sale for 35 days.

The city purchased the struggling hotel last year and has closed it for an extensive renovation that's part of a project to build a convention center next door and renovate the U.S. Cellular Center.


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