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Candidate highlights importance of Iowa Straw Poll


Six Republican candidates for president have announced they will be participating in the upcoming Iowa Straw Poll in August. This is the main pre-caucus straw poll drawing voters from across the state.

Three presidential hopefuls say they will skip the poll.

In 2007 former Governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney won the Iowa Straw Poll, but now he and former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman, and former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich will skip the festivities all together.

While making a campaign stop in Cedar Falls, Ron Paul said this state is too important to skip.

Paul was given a standing ovation as he entered the room at the Pipac Center in Cedar Falls Wednesday. While he was talking about the economy and our men and women overseas, his campaign staff were talking about the Iowa Straw Poll and getting as many people as possible to the event.

"We've got tickets that's what the tables are all about. we've got busses. We've got people to get you there," said Chairman of Ron Paul's Iowa campaign, Drew Ivers.

The Congressman from Texas also added his two cents about the straw poll and encouraged those in attendance to take part.

"When you think about the results at the Ames straw vote, that's national news. It doesn't conclude anything but it gets a lot of attention," said Paul.

To take part in the Ames Straw Poll it can be very costly for a campaign, anywhere between $15,000 and $31,000 just to set a booth. Ron Paul says the notoriety that comes from it is well worth it.

"It gives a chance to everybody whether you're rich or poor or whatever to compete because you can reach individuals and their votes are very valuable because it's a national issue. It's a national event the Ames Straw Vote and I've been spending a lot of time here and I think it's very significant," said Paul.

The Iowa Straw Poll will take place on August 13th on the campus of Iowa State University. In 2007 Mitt Romney won the straw poll but then lost to John McCain in the primary.

Ron Paul finished 5th, but says there is room for improvement.

"We aim very high but we don't make a real prediction, but I do predict we will do a lot better than last time," said Paul.

In 2007 John McCain skipped the Iowa Straw Poll and finished 10th. He went on to be the Republican nominee for president but he lost the election to Barack Obama.

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