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Dubuque woman still missing after 10 years

Crystal Arensdorf, 20 at the time, disappeared from Dubuque July 4, 2001 Crystal Arensdorf, 20 at the time, disappeared from Dubuque July 4, 2001

The Fourth of July marks a tragedy for one Dubuque family. 10 years ago, Crystal Arensdorf, 20 at the time, disappeared without a trace.

Arensdorf was last seen at Knicker's Saloon in Dubuque during the early hours of July 4, 2001. Police say she was there with friends and trying to get a ride to East Dubuque, Ill.

A new and generous reward offer has helped fuel the family's hope of finding answers.

"We'll never stop looking, ever," Arensdorf's mother Barb Beam said on the tenth anniversary of the day her daughter went missing.

"We all went out looking for her and then we never found her, so she became a missing person," Beam recalled.

Since that day, Arensdorf's mother and three siblings have done everything to find her.

"We've heard some nasty stories," her brother Mike Beam said. "Some bad stories. And we've went, and... Abandoned places, I mean, holes in the ground, backyards."

After the family and police have followed more than 600 leads in 10 years, Beam said, "You feel helpless."

The Dubuque Police Department has put a missing person ad on digital outdoor billboards in the city, reminding people this case is not closed.

The ads are working. Dubuque police announced Friday, a local and anonymous business owner, prompted by the billboards, is promising $10,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or people responsible for Arensdorf's disappearance.

"To hear of somebody that just come forward after seeing a billboard and offer $10,000, that made me really proud of Dubuque," Mike Beam said.

The family hopes the rewards prompts someone to come forward, leading to answers or to Crystal.

"Crystal, we love you so much and we want you back. If you're out there, please, please contact us," Barb Beam said, emotionally.

The Dubuque Police Department asks anyone with information to contact Capt. Scott Engleman at 563-589-4467 or Lt. Abby Simon at 563-589-4439.

The family said any tip is helpful, no matter how small.

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