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SYSK: Craig White


The one word repeatedly used to describe Craig White is caring.

"My dad is one of the most genuine and selfless people I know. He does a lot for his family, his community, he served his country in Vietnam. He never asks for praise, and I think it's time he gets praised for what he does," said White's daughter Megan Gesie.

Craig White is in his fifth consecutive year as a Black Hawk County Supervisor.

And lately he's spent a lot of his time raising money and attention for World War II veterans.

"Too many people don't realize what these WWII veterans went through to make this country what it is today," said White.

White's dad and his four brothers served in WWII.

That's just part of the reason he wants to make sure all those veterans get a chance to visit the war memorials in Washington, D.C.

"It's a great feeling to do it. I do it in honor of my father and his brothers and mainly those I served with in Vietnam who didn't make it home," he said.

White, or Whitey as he's often called, grew up in Black Hawk County.

He believes wherever you live, you have an obligation to try and make a difference.

White's three children said that's exactly what he does.

"He cares about everybody. I know he's helped strangers. He lends people $5. He cares. He tries to help who he can," said son Brian White.

While veterans are a top priority to White, he's also passionate about hospice, volunteering his time to meet with patients.

"I'm honored to have him as my dad, which I'm sure my brothers are as well. If you have a chance to get to know him, I definitely think it's something you should do," said Megan Gesie.

White said he's often called a big mouth, but his response is thank you because he's proud to give a voice to people who can't speak up for themselves.

"Until the day I die, I'll be trying to help people wherever I can," said Craig White.

Reporter: Danielle Wagner

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