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Researchers working on "Smell-O-Vision"

Forget HD, 3D, Color TV.  We've joked about this for a long time but it's now becoming a reality.

Researchers have created "Smell-O-Vision."  They're doing it at the University of California San Diego.  A thin metal strip heats up an aqueous solution to generate different smells.

It has the capability of releasing 10,000 different scents.  No word when we'll see it in stores.

Wednesday morning, before Today in Iowa, we had the morning crew say what shows they would no longer enjoy if smell was involved.

Ellen Kurt, one of our producers, doesn't want to smell weight loss or exercise shows, like The Biggest Loser, where people sweat.  Kiley Petersen, in master control, doesn't want to smell athletes, so NFL and baseball are definitely out, but she wouldn't mind smelling the popcorn.

Agnes Kress, our director, doesn't want to smell the show Dirty Jobs.  Producer Mike Verlo wouldn't want to smell the show Hoarders where homes haven't been cleaned for years.

Eileen Loan said Law and Order, or CSI with all the bodies they find.  Our editor Gordon  Jefferson wouldn't want to watch Grey's Anatomy anymore if he had to smell it.

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