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Cedar Rapids beer wholesaler invests in wind energy


A beer wholesaler may seem like an unlikely candidate to tap into small-scale wind power.

Fleck Sales Corporation in Cedar Rapids finished the installation of the second of two turbines Tuesday.

"The incentive with regard to the two turbines is just to take baby steps to be more environmentally sustainable and responsible with our resources," said Mike Schulte, vice president of sales with the company.

The two turbines only provide enough energy to power a little more than the average household.

Fleck company officials estimate the newly installed turbines will save the company between five and ten percent on energy costs long term.

Still, many believe it's a step in the right direction.

"We simply believe that the energy costs are going to go up and with that, the value of these installations," said Todd Hammen, president of Iowa Energy Alternatives.

Those in the wind energy sector say they are seeing more investing in wind energy.

In addition to the environmental benefits and possible money savings, some businesses are finding the federal and state incentives and positive image that come along with the switch make it a smart move.

"The public in general is beginning to appreciate the need for renewable energy more and more.  State and federal authorities are supporting it to a greater level," Hammen said.

Fleck Sales isn't ruling out looking at other green initiatives like solar power down the road.

"We're always keeping an eye on ways we can be more efficient with our cost savings and more environmentally responsible," Schulte said.


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