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Cedar Falls Police shaking things up with new siren


It's a noise that will make you shake in your seat. Drivers don't always notice when police officers are headed to an emergency, but now the Cedar Falls Police Department has a new device that should grab your attention.

It's called "The Howler."

It starts with a normal high pitch siren, then the bass drops. The bass is so intense, when standing just feet away from it you can feel it pounding against your chest.

"I've had a few people comment even some teenagers that I know have commented asking do you guys have a new siren or what is that noise cause it certainly hear that and it certainly draws their attention," Chief Jeff Olson of the Cedar Falls Police Department.

Chief Olson said the department had "The Howler" installed in one of their squad cars a few weeks ago.

"We still have the higher pitch sirens that everyone is familiar with, but what this device does is that it ads two subwoofers to that so you get this really low pitch penetrating sound that can catch some peoples' attention when they have windows up and radios going," said Olson.

After hearing about this device for a couple years, the Cedar Falls Police Department wanted to try it out. So far they've had a good response.

To purchase and have "The Howler" installed, it costs the police department around $400 per vehicle.


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