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Health Plus: Tension headache relief


Tension headaches are so common, a lot of us probably don't realize we're having one.

The good news, you can end the pain without pills.

Here's Health Plus.

For 20 years, Angie Kruger has been sitting in front of a computer screen on the job.

That led her to sit in a neurologist's office at Covenant Clinic in Waterloo.

"I basically was just doing my normal, daily routine and started feeling a lot of tension and stress in my neck and it eventually got to be so painful it was problems with my right arm numbing, tingling and then finally one morning I ended up in the emergency room from the pain," said Angie Kruger.

The 44-year-old has what doctors call chronic tension headaches.  That means she had a headache on fifteen or more days a month over a 3-month period.

"So when you do not have a good posture, when you are like not standing up tall or like hunched over, your muscles start to spasm and those muscles in the neck and the head would cause spasms and would cause tension headaches," said Dr. Sangeeta Goel, Covenant Clinic neurologist.

Occupational therapy is the treatment that worked for the Shell Rock woman, no medications needed.

"With tension headaches since it's musculo-skeletal pain, occupational therapy works better than the prescription medication," said Goel.

Therapy taught Angie how to be pro-active and to end the cyle of headaches.

"My whole life has changed since the occupational therapy. I don't deal with the headaches anymore on a daily basis. I know exactly what I need to do to correct if I start getting one," said Angie.


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