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Bye bye birdie to the Decorah eagle cam


It's almost time to say goodbye to our feathered friends in Decorah.

The stars of the live web camera that's gained viewers from all over the world are close to leaving the nest, and those in charge of the camera say they will soon pull the plug once the birds take off on their own.

Those glued to their computer screen have seen it all; from their first peek at the real world, to those precarious first steps, to today where they are almost ready to fly solo.

In all, logging more than 160-million internet views this spring.

The man who has been there for it all is Bob Anderson, the Director of the Raptor Resource Project. We caught up with Anderson earlier this year.

"To think that there are 30 to 35 thousand right now at one point in time looking at it, that's unbelievable," said Anderson.

Anderson also says once these birds start flying on their own they will be spending more time away from the nest and away from the camera. Anderson says he's proud that the nest cam showed so many people the wonders of nature and in some instances bringing people closer together.

"One of the most touching letters I got was from a woman who said, 'Bob, my husband and I stopped talking decades ago, but any time we log on to the eagle cam we find ourselves babbling like newlyweds.' It's amazing how it has touched and influenced people in so many different ways," said Anderson.

The cameras could be turned off by the end of the week. Officials with the Raptor Resource Project say they have already received enough donations to fully fund the eagle cam next year. They hope to improve the picture quality and sound with better equipment.


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