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Health Plus: Safety Checklist


If you've been a hospital patient recently, you know how often medical staff ask you to repeat your name and procedure.

The process is about a lot more than gathering information, it's one that could save your life.

Who knew prepping for surgery was like flying a plane?

"Everything has to be correct and that list is huge. And we go through a checklist just like you would if you were going to fly an airplane," said Anita Johnson, an RN at Sartori Memorial Hospital.

Staff at Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare, like tens of thousands of medical professionals worldwide, use a comprehensive surgical checklist to prevent mistakes.

"As people have used it and we've learned more and more about what possible things can happen, a near miss of prepping the wrong side or anything like that has convinced us that that's the best way to go," said Kathy Eisenman, an RN at Sartori Memorial Hospital.

Patients know this process as one that includes a lot of questions and repetition.

"The first thing we do when people arrive is warn them that we're going to be asking these questions over and over and each new person that you meet will ask the same one because our goal is to have to have the right person, the right procedure, the right doctor, the right everything in place before we do anything," said Johnson.

It's a detail-oriented approach to yield important results: accuracy and safety.

"We go through that checklist and it really does save lives," said Johnson.


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