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Iowa soldier walks away without injury after being shot in the helmet


Military reporters embedded with the Regional Command East say an Iowa soldier was shot in the helmet and walked away without injury.  Specialist Tom Albers is from Alton, which is near Sioux City.

He called home two weeks ago to tell his mother that he's healthy and not hurt but he was shot in the helmet.  His team came under fire when on patrol in Parwan Province.

Albers said it felt like someone had hit him in the head with a wooden baseball bat.  But after checking his bearings, he took up position right away to return fire.

"It really surprised me, from the moment I thought, ‘okay I am fine and there is no blood running down my face,' until after we met up with the lieutenant, I don't really remember anything," said Albers. "I think that is because I wasn't thinking, I was reacting, doing what needed to be done; covering fire, moving back, whatever it was. I think that was all because of our training, muscle memory kicked in. It made me think, all that time we spent training wasn't stupid, it wasn't pointless, it is needed and it works."

Albers father and grandfather are both veterans.  He's with the 1-133rd which is expected to come home next month.

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