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Union Pacific officials: trains rerouted through Eastern Iowa unlikely


On the way to an appointment and stuck waiting for a train.  It's something many could do without. 

"If I would have known it, I would have done a different route through the area," said Brad Kokesh, who was visiting Iowa City on business.

Iowa City officials were warning commuters to expect delays like these more frequently.

They say they were notified by Union Pacific Railroad that up to eight trains per day could be rerouted to the Iowa-Interstate railroad, which runs through Iowa City.

But Union Pacific officials are saying the area is unlikely to see any changes.

Currently any rerouting  is only taking place from Des Moines and to the west.

These trains are not expected to have to make their way through Eastern Iowa unless the magnitude of flooding exceeds projections.

"Certainly the Corps of Engineers projections vary according to weather, and so we're going to keep our eye on it," said Brenda Mainwaring, Union Pacific Director of Public Affairs for Iowa and Nebraska.


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