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Waterloo native linked to murder in North Carolina

Vania Sisk faces murder charges in the death of a North Carolina woman. Her son, 5-year-old Jadon Higganbothan, has also been missing since February. Vania Sisk faces murder charges in the death of a North Carolina woman. Her son, 5-year-old Jadon Higganbothan, has also been missing since February.
Pete Moses Jr. Pete Moses Jr.

A Waterloo native is linked to the death of at least one person in North Carolina.

Vania Sisk is among seven people arrested by Durham police on murder charges in the death of Antoinetta McKoy.

Sisk's 5-year-old son, Jadon Higganbothan, and McKoy have been missing since February. 

McKoy's body was found in a North Carolina home on Wednesday, after a plumber who came to check on possible sewer problems called 911.   Police say more remains found at the same home on Thursday are human and ''consistent with those of a small child.'' Authorities have not identified the remains, but suspect they may be Jadon's.

Sisk is believed to be part of a polygamous religious sect called the Black Hebrews. The group's leader, Pete Moses, Jr., is one of six others charged in McKoy's death.

Back in April, Sisk and Moses were arrested in North Carolina. Sisk was charged with Failure To Appear in Court and misdemeanor Marijuana Possession.  Moses was charged with second-degree kidnapping and assault on a female. At the time, police say they suspected Sisk and Moses of being involved in the disappearance of McKoy and Jadon.

Family members in Waterloo are having a hard time coming to terms with Sisk's arrest. Naomi Sisk remembers her granddaughter the way she appears in old pictures -- smiling, easy-going, and with her hair always done just so. It's a stark contrast to the way Vania Sisk looks now in her mugshot taken the day she was arrested for murder.

The last time Naomi saw her granddaughter was more than five years ago, at a baby shower for then unborn great-grandchild Jadon Higganbothan. A short time later, Sisk divorced from Jadon's father and reunited with an old friend, a man by the name of Pete Moses.

"He got at her at her low point and she was looking for something to lean on, I guess," said Naomi.

Sisk and Jadon moved in with Moses, and the pair had three children together. But Naomi says her granddaughter was one of his many women.

"Everyone of them thought they were the one. He would tell the rest of them that these other ladies are his sisters. And they would believe him. They were completely brainwashed. I know she was brainwashed because when I talked to her last she said, I'm reading Revelations because the world's coming to an end in 2012," said Naomi Sisk.

Police said Moses was the leader of a cult, and had convinced the women an ultimate race war was coming. His hold on them ended this week with the discovery of two bodies in a North Carolina backyard. They believe Antoinetta McKoy tried to leave the cult, and Sisk killed her.

Investigators also think Moses shot and killed Jadon. The gruesome discovery is putting an end to months of worry for the Sisk family.

"Now we've got closure. But it's not really grievance like it was at first," said Naomi.

Sisk's three children with Moses are currently in protective services.

Sisk, Moses and the five others charged in connection with McKoy's death made their initial court appearance on Thursday, and remain behind bars under no bond.

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