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Sarah Dalton:Athlete of the Week


After a second place finish in her freshman year---Sarah Dalton would have to beat Wahlert teammate and close friend Celia Morton for her third straight singles championship.

Dalton said, "You know you have to be competitive cause it is the finals but its a little bit awkward not awkward but just a little different to play someone that you practice with everyday."

After losing a total of 2 games in crushing her first three opponents, Dalton got her stiffest challenge from Morton in the final. In a back and forth struggle Sarah wins her third straight singles championship 6-love, 6-4.

Sarah Dalton said, "It's really exciting after working all year round for this and then once you finally get here it's really fun to be here with everyone watching... it's a great atmosphere and it's really fun to be here."

Sarah's victory only adds to the Dalton family trophy case. Her sister Stephanie won a STATE runner up plaque in both singles and doubles in 2004 and 2005 While her mother, the former Molly McFarlane captured a state doubles championship for Wahlert in 1977. And it was mom who first put a racket in Sarah's hand when she was four couldn't be prouder.

Molly McFarlane Dalton said, "She's worked so hard over the last ten years that the day of the championship comes she's ready to compete and it's because she's put in her time."

Celia Morton said, "She tried really hard --she's been working her whole life for this so it's really awesome."

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