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Travelers and politicians outraged over soldier baggage fees


A YouTube video is creating a stir among travelers and politicians. Delta Airlines charged a group of soldiers returning home from Afghanistan $2,800 in excess baggage fees. The troops paid out of their own pockets and then documented it on camera.

Like it or not, travelers are accustomed to paying for an extra bag. The idea of it happening to soldiers returning home from deployment is hard to swallow.

"How much did you pay? $200," one soldier responds in the video. "How much did our unit pay out of pocket? Over $2,800."

"You risk your life for a common cause, and then get slapped in the face. It's not right," said traveler Erik Sundqvist.

"It just makes absolutely no sense for the people who are going and fighting for us. And to get charged $2,800 for them to get back is ridiculous," said Cedar Falls resident Ali Rahnavardi.

Delta is the only choice for folks flying in and out of the Waterloo Regional Airport. But they don't blame the airline company -- they blame the industry.

"It's corporate bureaucracy. And the bigger you get the harder it is to control every little thing and it's just the way it is. But hopefully they'll make amends somehow," said traveler and former Marine Erik Coker.

Delta is now revising it's military baggage policies. Military members who are flying on orders will be allowed to travel with four bags. Those in first class can travel with five.

Click here to read Delta's response to the situation.

But for one group of soldiers, it's too little too late.

"God bless America. Not happy, not happy at all," the video ends.

After hearing the soldiers's story, Representative Bruce Braley from Waterloo tweeted out ''this is no way to treat our soldiers. You can bet delta will hear from me.'' He also wrote a letter to Delta's CEO, demanding they repay the soldiers. He says he'll reconsider using the airline if the company does not respond in a timely fashion.

Click here to read Rep. Braley's letter to Delta.

As a rule, the soldiers will be reimbursed by the Pentagon.

The original video included in the tweet by Rep. Braley has been removed from YouTube.

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